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Did yesterday happen?

So yesterday was a blur, LOL. I hit Vegas for all of five minutes, visited the Hoover Dam Hotel that also houses a small museum, then Hoover Dam itself, then to Kingman, then on Route 66 through Sitgreaves Pass to the veritable ghost town… Continue Reading “Did yesterday happen?”

Reflecting on last year’s road trip

In just a few short days I’ll be kicking off my autumn road trip, which made me reminisce a little bit on the trip I took last year.  I wanted to cover as much of the Northwest as possible then, along with a foray… Continue Reading “Reflecting on last year’s road trip”

Taking the stress out of your vacation

Been reading a good article on how vacations can stress people out, a lot of it confirming why it always seems to take a while for me to truly unwind when I’m on vacation, you know, right at that very moment when it’s time… Continue Reading “Taking the stress out of your vacation”

Game On: Planning My Fall ’13 Trip to…

VEGAS! Boy oh boy, I can’t wait to get there so I can FLEE the city as quickly as possible in my rental to kick off my road trip! “But Frank, you’re a single and ruggedly handsome dude, Vegas should be the PERFECT place… Continue Reading “Game On: Planning My Fall ’13 Trip to…”