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A Church of One

I’ve made a couple of attempts to plug in into the “Christian” community here in Colorado Springs, but it’s hard to really express why I’m having difficulty finding a good church in a way that most people could understand. Churchians are so reared in… Continue Reading “A Church of One”

Exploring the reality where more than 80% of church members may not be Christians

A long while back I read a Slate article expounding on the conclusions reached in the book Forbidden Fruit, written by a sociology professor and consisting of several comprehensive surveys that were conducted with young adults about their views on sex and religion.  While 80%… Continue Reading “Exploring the reality where more than 80% of church members may not be Christians”

How churches today abandoned the Christian single

During the time that I attended a service in Colorado, I noticed a few curious things that had me pondering about the state of Christian singles today and how churches treat them.  There were so many groups and ministries that were specifically tailored for… Continue Reading “How churches today abandoned the Christian single”

Why I will probably never attend church services again

Updated: 6/14/2018 Before leaving Colorado I decided to attend Sunday service at Springs Church, headed by Gary Wilkerson, who is the son of the famous David Wilkerson.  David Wilkerson was one of the few Christian voices I truly trusted before he passed away, but… Continue Reading “Why I will probably never attend church services again”

Is this really a parody of a church service?

Because after watching it I could SWEAR this is exactly what I experienced at the service I attended in Colorado a few days ago.