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Happy Single Awareness Day!

Absent a nagging wife or a neurotic girlfriend, I feel as if I can freely be myself on Valentine’s: One of the things I’ve noticed over the past year is how at ease with myself I am not when I’m with other people, but… Continue Reading “Happy Single Awareness Day!”

Marriage: The bell you can’t unring

I stumbled across a series of videos called Divorce Corps that highlights some of the abuses of the divorce/family court system in America.  Here’s one of them: One of the reasons I’m so nitpicky about dating and marriage is that if things go wrong,… Continue Reading “Marriage: The bell you can’t unring”

Is my dream girl real?

This is an old post about a dream I had that I published and rewritten a few times over the years, and while I no longer believe it means anything, I still remember it because it was one of the rare (if not only)… Continue Reading “Is my dream girl real?”

Lessons about true love from Stardust

A while back I saw the movie Stardust. Fantasy is not usually my cup of tea, but I had to admit this was a pretty good film. Here we had a guy who was doing his darndest best to win over the love of… Continue Reading “Lessons about true love from Stardust”

Is it wrong to reject someone because they’ve had it easy their whole lives?

I’ve been going over this in my mind because it was a decision I made not too long ago, and while on the surface it might seem petty, I do believe it’s possible that people’s lives can be so vastly different, that the lack… Continue Reading “Is it wrong to reject someone because they’ve had it easy their whole lives?”

Can soulmates make the wrong choice?

Been having a discussion with one of my blog commenters that had me thinking about soulmates.  I don’t believe in the idea that there is only ONE TRUE SOULMATE out there for every one of us, but as a Christian I do believe there… Continue Reading “Can soulmates make the wrong choice?”

How Halloween explains in a way why I’m still single

Her:  So Frank, what are you going to dress up as on Halloween? Me:  Myself.  I’m scary enough as it is. Joke aside, because of my Christian beliefs I actually don’t celebrate Halloween.  I believe people with the same views represents, oh, .00000000000000001% of… Continue Reading “How Halloween explains in a way why I’m still single”