On Dillon Lake!

Boating on Dillon Lake

5 Comments on “On Dillon Lake!

  1. Hey Frank! I read your infamous post about hating Long Island. Man does that feel GOOOOOOOOD AS FUQ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH.

    My father smoked himself to a unfiltered-cigarette-and-black-coffee death out of stress at the age of 57 and my baby brother was killed by a speeding driver at the age of ten directly in front of his grammar school. My own childhood was full of dire poverty, purposeful neglect and daily (unnecessary) starvation, brutal bullying, social rejection, abuse by a bipolar mother/submissive father and insistent victim-blaming everywhere I went.

    I have nothing but the most incomprehensible anguish and intense agony inside my heart that I have accepted will never fully subside. Thankfully, I had lovely memories of central Florida where I spent my early years. I recently moved back and have bee slowly healing, day by day a little more.

  2. I should have mentioned that I was only 25 by the time that I lost half my family due to the streses and factors of living in a place as densely populated with traffic and people and mentally unhealthy as Long Island. There is simply no way you can tell me these things would have happened in a mid-sized city or rural town in middle America. They could only have happened in a very, very bad place that brings only misery and spiritual impoverishment.

    • I’m sorry about your loss, I’m glad to see though that you were able to move and are recovering now. 🙂

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