Month: April 2013

Is this really a parody of a church service?

Because after watching it I could SWEAR this is exactly what I experienced at the service I attended in Colorado a few days ago.

How I almost died in Colorado

One of the things I wanted to do was seek out an old mine for a longtime reader of mine, an ancient mine located deep in the mountains of Colorado that had once belonged to her grandpappy.  It was located right off the tiny…

Losing a Shepherd

I originally wrote this in 2011, but posting it again here to honor David Wilkerson’s memory on the anniversary of his death. Taking a break from my normal blogging after receiving the heartbreaking news that my favorite pastor, David Wilkerson has passed away.  He…

Entrance to Payrock Mine!

It took some climbing, but I managed to finally crawl to the local of the old mine, which once belonged to one of my readers’ grandpappy.  🙂

Cabin made pizza!

Using ingredients I bought from Whole Foods, so it’s healthy too!

Arriving at Cripple Creek

There are casinos EVERYWHERE in this town, LOL.

Time for a dip in the cold!

Ok, let’s fire this baby up…