Who says you can’t have fun playing with dog poop?

Bought the SKOOP-N-PAK in preparation for my visit to Colorado this May, where I’ll be semi-training with what I hope will be my future hearing dog.

One thing I can’t abide by is the thought of cleaning up after the dog on walks, using nothing but a mere trash bag to grab that ungodly fecal waste of smelly poopie. You know, sort of what it must be like to hug a hippie.

Anyhoo, to address that rather unpleasant part of everyday doggie care, I found out about… THE SKOOP-N-PAK!

Skoop-N-Pak Portable

When a bag won’t do to pick up their poo:


When their steaming love bundles leave you all disgruntled:


When you’re too snotty to clean up the potty:


Sorry, I’m getting carried away with all the jingles here, but you gotta admit, they’re pretty catchy.


2 Responses to Who says you can’t have fun playing with dog poop?

  1. Judy March 28, 2014 at 9:30 AM #

    For all our years of travel we use Dispoz a Scoop safety scoopers that are completely disposable. You don’t have any chance of a smelly device in your vehicle & don’t have a clunky thing to carry on a walk. We use them when walking our dogs as well. Love them & buy them bulk from Dr. Fosters & Smith. Box of 96 is $29.99 Just a thought from a long time dog owner/traveler.

    • Frank Swift March 28, 2014 at 4:55 PM #

      They look awesome, just added it to my wishlist. They’re the same price on Amazon too, plus with the free 2-day shipping that should make ordering a breeze. I think both the Skoop-N-Pak and these disposable bags will come in handy.

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