We’re the government, and we’ve got top men working on this!

Being a government employee, I have the privilege of being able to see our bureaucracy in action, up close and personal.  Take for example, adding master name records to our databases.

It used to be if a misspelling was made to a name, (which was often and frequent given half the names we get are scribbled on paper instead of being typed up), we’d try to wing it as best we could, and then change the name later if and once we find the correct spelling.  Takes about 10 seconds on average.

Now we are barred from being able to correct the names on master name records, nor can we remove any records that were made in error. Instead, we have to take all the misspellings and questionable name records we created over the course of the day, make a list, and email that list to IT, who will then sift through these misspellings and correct them at their leisure.  Some day.  Because we need to have a vetting process you see, and despite us previously having the ability to change names for oh, the past 40 years, we now can longer be trusted to modify name records accordingly.

So… what used to take 10 seconds to correct, now takes several days to 2 weeks for IT to correct.



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