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The calm before I get hosed like a mad monkey in a cage at my job

I fear the poop storm that will be swirling around my job this month.

I have 4 days off, then next week we carry on minus another coworker, who got shipped off to “the dungeon” as a result of shakeups going on that has neither logic nor common sense driving it.

So now, not only will the 3 of us remaining have to slog through a workload not even 5 full timers could handle, we now have to do it for less money, too.  (wage freezes combined with a tax hike.)

Office Space Demotivator

If they take my stapler I’m setting the building on fire…

That means ultimately answering the phones.  A lot.  Which I have trouble doing, because I’m kind of like, deaf and stuff.

But because I function like a semi-normal person, a few here think I shouldn’t have any problems with the phones whatsoever, which is why I occasionally get yelled at, or written up, or otherwise subjected to abusive treatment when I’m less then enthusiastic about picking the phone that never, ever, seems to stop ringing.  EVER.

So I really have no choice but to try to head off this crisis by officially filing for an accommodation.  What actually comes of it I have no idea, but I asked that they would fund new hearing aid purchases with advanced technology that theoretically should help me understand voices on the phone better.  Emphasis on THEORETICALLY.  I could try them on a trial basis too, but I doubt they would approve this request since it comes with a $4,000 to $5,000 price tag.  It’s more likely I’ll get transferred than anything else, but even that would be fine by me if it meant never having to touch an office phone here again.  Or maybe they’ll actually come to their senses and decide to let my coworker stay.

Fat chance.

My coworkers unsurprisingly have a defeatist attitude about all this, not even bothering to fight because, eh, why bother?

My philosophy though is that if we’re going to have a defeatist attitude about things, it should be because we tried and lost, not because we never tried at all.  So I’m gearing up to challenge my employer and explore every option I have to try to improve the work conditions here.  And if I fail, then I shall wallow in misery and despair, and I will do so happily.  :-P

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