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Tying up loose ends

Man, I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post.  I’m still hoping to blog semi-regularly, but it’s taken some time to adjust to a new routine, working a job that operates on a completely different level than what I’ve normally become accustomed to.  The mind needed a reawakening period, with synapses that hadn’t been fired in years suddenly being jumpstarted as I take on new responsibilities that require me to actually think about what I do for a living now.

I’m now deep into a transitional period as I try to grapple with what loose ends I need to tie up before I pull the trigger on a permanent move.  Who knew transitional periods could be so… transitional?

One of those things has involved slimming down my stuff even more and maximizing my desk space.  I decided to treat my MacBook as an all in one desktop/notebook solution, planning to eventually ditch the huge desktop PC I have now for a docked solution (called a Henge Dock), something I can easily dock my MacBook to with all the wires already in place.  Kinda cool as I explore this and figure out how to ideally optimize my home office productivity.

It also occured to me that there’s still some unfinished business in regards to New York City.  Despite loving the city (as opposed to hating Long guuyyYYyland), there’s still a few bucket list items I’d like to cross off while I’m here.  I still have yet to visit the Statue of Liberty for one, and it’s been ages since I’ve been to the Met, or explored all of Central Park, or visited a myriad of the other wonders the city had to offer.  Once I leave it’s not likely that I’ll ever come back, so I’m planning to set aside some time and play tourist to rediscover Manhattan… one last time.

I also need to rework my finances and divvy them up according to what I earmark them for (a house, a car, portfolio, savings, etc.)   I’m fortunate enough to be debt-free with enough of a nest egg that I can make a completely fresh start once I move.  Thank you, Lord.

I’m also working on a complete medical workup to make sure all systems are green across the board, that all my rabies shots are up to date, and I’ve been thoroughly de-warted.

And of course there’s my future hearing dog too, who I hope to pick up in Colorado and keep permanently, maybe sooner than expected.

Overall, the tail end of 2014 is going to be crazy, with so many things in a state of transition and upheaval, but I welcome it all, because it’s been infused with a renewed hope that I will finally break out of this wilderness, and into the promised land that I’ve sort for so long.

Beautiful Highway with Sunset and Mountains

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