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Let us all unite together for the sake of making this glorious pizza invention a reality

You don’t even have to make it, just vote for it here (courtesy of Boston Pizza) and it will debut this summer.

Boston Pizza's Pizza Cake Innovation


This feeling you’re experiencing, it is a perfectly natural feeling.  For when a man looks at a heaping, glorious mound of pizza, you see, he can feel the overwhelming compulsion to devour this unholy mixture of tomatoes, cheese and meats like Godzilla gulping down Tokyo.  It is written in our genes, so it was only a matter of time before someone would, in the neverending pursuit of pizza perfection, conjure up an idea like this.  Regardless of your politics, religion or ethnicity, let us cast aside our swords and come together so that we can bring this truly wonderful dish into the world for all to enjoy.

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