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If I were a dog, what breed would I be?

Had a little fun getting a doggie-based personality profile from the breeder and creator of American Alsatians, Lois Schwarz. According to her, I am:

An Alaskan Malamute x Newfoundland mixed with German Shepherd dog, Bouvier des Flandres and Saint Bernard. Yes, funny looking, but in character and temperament you are lovable, clownish like the Malamute but with more brains, so I have to add the German Shepherd. I put in the Newfoundland ’cause I think of that dog when I think of you, so I know you have some of that in you. Also very determined in your beliefs, you have the Bouvier as this one is tough {dog}, mean and will kill… but then the Saint comes in to lend a helping hand to those in need.

So I remind her of a Newfoundland?  Well, I am a hairy dude, so I wonder if the look of this dog is in any way similar to my real life look–

Black Newfoundland Dog Sitting and Posing

Nailed it.

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