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Prepping for my road trip, plus my new travel stream

I was expecting to rest today before I fly off to Vegas tomorrow for my road trip tomorrow, LOL, yeah should have known that wouldn’t be happening.

Anyhoo, blogging will probably be light and filled with short, funsie type anecdotes until I get back, but in the meantime I created a Travel Stream page you can check out to see where I am and what I’m currently up to.  Nothing fancy really, just a mashup of my Twitter stream, Foursquare map and Flickr photostream.

To sum up, I’ll be starting from Las Vegas, then driving due east to:  Hoover Dam, the Mohave Valley, parts of Route 66, Flagstaff, Sedona, Grand Canyons, the Navajo Nation, then to Durango in Colorado, Pagosa Springs, down Santa Fe in New Mexico, and back to Colorado to visit the Great Sand Dunes, before finally taking refuge in a cabin rental deep in the Rockies (but close enough to Denver) before I head home.  I hope.

It all begins tomorrow. Light a candle for me.

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This road trip brought you by Mad Max. Because it just fits.

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