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Finding areas that have the mildest climates

This chart has been making the rounds lately on social media, and while the data is pretty simplistic (a mean count of the number of days a year where the temps are between 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s nice to have a visual look at what places are likely to offer the mildest climates:

Pleasant Places to Live Map

The bluer the circles, the higher the frequency of pleasant weather.

I’m surprised by just how few days my area gets of pleasant weather (67-70).  That’s basically only 2 months out of the year where the temps are between 55-75.  Wow.  Note southern California, which of course enjoys nearly 6 months of pleasant weather.  I guess the label “Sunny California” really does apply.

What interests me are the barely discernible circles blanketing Idaho and Montana.  Over the course of my research on places to relocate to, I had been considering the possibility of moving to these states, but the norm of less than 3 weeks of pleasant weather for the entire YEAR now has me rethinking the wisdom of such a move.

The darker blues of the coastal regions aren’t surprising given their proximity to water, but I rule these out due to the insufferable humidity.  Plus, no mountains, and I gotsa have mountains.

That leaves the pockets of bluer circles scattered across the Rocky region, so I’m noting the ones that are specifically located in Colorado.  This gives me a pretty good idea of which regions of Colorado have the most moderate climates, especially how given they are to extreme weather.  Then there’s the area of the Appalachians that stretch from West Virginia down to Tennessee, which average around the same amount of pleasant days as downstate New York.

A lot of this pretty much affirms what I already know, but it’s also helped me narrow my focus somewhat on picking an ideal area of the country where I can feel most at home.  It looks like Colorado, or the mountain ranges spanning West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and even South Carolina would be my best bet.

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