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It’s the little things…

Today is a reminder of why a work from home job would be so glorious. For some odd reason only two of the phones in our office here have an audible ring. The other broke or got static-ky, so before I came in, my thoughtful coworker co-opted my phone and set it to ring audibly. At full volume.

Which I wasn’t aware of until I sat down and it suddenly rang again, making me jump 20 feet up in the air.

We also have an issue of uneven climate control. The section behind us apparently gets too hot and stuffy during the winter, so my coworkers there thoughtfully leave the door between our two sections wide open in order to let outside air in. Except for some reason, the cold draft actually snakes around the hallway and hits my desk at full speed, a slightly unpleasant experience when it’s less than 20 degrees out. So I go up and close the door… and they open it again, then wrap barbed wire around it to keep it open. (!!!) Fortunately I have a bolt cutter, so I just snap that off and close the door, but they must have a supply of it stashed somewhere because it gets rewired again. One of these days I’m going to replace the knob with a lock and throw away the key so it can’t be opened again, but I halfway suspect they have the jaws of life as well and would simply rip the door out permanently, so probably best not to tempt fate.

And so the dance goes…

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