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Learning to let go of the suck

I had a few blogging ideas that I decided to shelve, partly because they seemed rather vindictive to me, and I’m not sure I want to be THAT GUY, you know?

Of course, sometimes it helps to just blow off steam because certain people managed to annoy me, and as such, I feel it’s only fair that I’d insult their mothers and verbally throw rocks at them (and their mothers) for committing the cardinal sin of, you know, annoying me.

And yet I feel though that I’ve simply become too evolved, yes, indeed, too awesome to debase myself to this form of petty schoolyard bullying anymore.  I’ve come to realize that people in general tend to suck, have always sucked, and will do nothing but suck, mostly because they all suck, for as long as I live my days out here on Earth.  To rehash and restate the obvious in a blog post, even for purportedly therapeutic reasons, would seem counterproductive.  We all know they suck, so what really would be the point of actually blogging it out here that they suck, when said suck is readily transparent to all those who don’t suck (or at least don’t suck as much as the sucks in question)?

The only time this really becomes an issue for me is when said suck is so magnificently breathtaking in its suckitude that I feel an nearly overwhelming urge to publicly address the suck, call it out on its suck, and to do so in the most brutally, devastatingly, suckish manner possible.

Or you know, I could just air out my frustrations in a game of Halo (or in my case, the violently gory Nancy Drew games) and call it a day.

It’s hard to let go though.  Whether the suck is as simple as one blowing you off, or gaping in awe as a new friend transforms from sweet and cuddly to demon hellspawn in the blink of an eye, or wincing at William Shatner’s rendition of Tambourine Man, one can find much suckage in life.  So much in fact, that it can drown out and bury those moments that don’t suck (or suck as much).

It begs the question, since such non-suckish moments tend to be precious, wouldn’t it be better to dwell and blog on those moments, and reflect on them rather than the suckish moments?  And truth be told, wouldn’t a blog that constantly harped on everything wrong with the world kinda… suck?  I would think so.

Hereto then is my blogging resolution, whereby I resolve to be non-suckish by refusing to dwell on the suck.

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