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Of mice and geeks

My 4 year old mouse (which came with my computer) finally bit the dust, so I’ve been using this opportunity to see if I can finally find a reliable wireless mouse.  I’ve tried the Logitech Anywhere MX, the M510, and will probably check out the M705 as well.  I’ve relegated my Anywhere MX to use on my MacBook because of its awesome ability to work on nearly any surface (even more so than other laser models), a welcome feature given the number of times I’ve had to use a newspaper as a makeshift mousepad every time a hotel I stayed at had a ceramic or glass desk.

But for some reason I never get good results using a Wi-Fi mouse for the desktop PC.  I don’t know if the 24-inch real estate makes the difference more obvious, or if I’ve just gotten too used to working with a plain old wired, optical mouse, but it always feels unnatural.  The M510 I’m trying now is pretty heavy (even when I take out one battery), and no matter how many times I adjust the speed, I’m always misclicking here and there.  Logitech also has this tendency to disable the scroll’s function as a middle button (in favor of using hyper scroll, yawn), so curling my finger to click the middle button has also been a minor aggravation for me.

Do others have trouble making a permanent transition from wired to wireless mouse use?  I’m kind of curious to know.  I’m going to check out Best Buy this weekend for Logitech’s wired M500 mouse (and their wireless M705) and see if maybe Microsoft has still been able to produce a few worthy alternatives.  Remember when the Intellimouse was all that and a bag of gummi bears?  I miss those days.

Update:  I’ve played around with the M510, MX Anywhere, M705 and finally the corded M500 mouse from Logitech (check their current mouse line here).  I find it interesting that the location of the sensor does seem to make a difference.  My clicking accuracy is far better when the sensor is positioned in the center rather than to the extreme side like I’ve seen in a lot of wireless mice lately.  That’s why I had a lot of difficulty with the M705 and M510, since I seem to be one of those geeks who pivot the mouse with their wrists rather than move the entire arm.  This difference doesn’t seem to be obvious when using a smaller screen such as on a laptop, but on jumbo monitors like mine it’s definitely noticeable.  Both had off center sensors so my pointer never seems to be precisely where I want it to be.  I’m sure after enough practice and time my muscle memory can adapt, but I’m not in the mood for change, so I opted to go with either the M500 or MX Anywhere (both of which have centered sensors).

Just to confirm I wasn’t imagining this, I went to Mouse Accuracy to test my click accuracy with all the mice I’ve tried, with interesting results.  When using mice with off center sensors my clicking accuracy was just a notch below 50%.  Using the M500 and MX Anywhere, my accuracy ranged from 80 to 90% instead.

I gotta say, I didn’t think I’d like the MX Anywhere, but it’s definitely growing on me, so much that I’m wondering if I should get a second one for the desktop, even though its smaller size makes it more appropriate as a mobile mouse.  The M500 is ok, but it has the downside of being corded and having a less resistant scroll wheel, which makes its use as a middle button a bit more cumbersome.  It’s a horse race for now, but it does look like the MX Anywhere might just win it by a nose.  Besides, I need to be moving past cords and going wireless wherever I can to reduce the cable jungle I’ve got going on in my home office.

Geeking out on keyboard covers for the iPad

I’m doing this merry go round thing where I’m trying to decide between 3 different keyboard covers for my iPad to sort of give it some Surface creds, making it easier to use as a blogging tool when I’m sipping my java chip frap at Starbucks like the manly studmeister that I am.

The thing that’s making this a harder decision than it should be is that I cover my iPad with a shell (made by Devicewear), while these keyboard covers generally require a naked iPad to fit properly.

I didn’t think I’d be able to find a solution to get around that, until I came across this clever video regarding the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard which shows you how you can still combine the keyboard, smart cover AND shell for a workable solution:

Nice.  The only downside is this is the only popular keyboard cover that doesn’t have a backlight, which I kinda want, mostly because… well I’m snobby and want my backlight.  So  I’m also looking at the ZAGG ZAGGKeys Proplus (they couldn’t come up with a better name?) and the LUVVITT BACKLIT Ultrathin Keyboard.  I haven’t been able to find much evidence on whether they are still useable if you use a protective shell for the back of your iPad, so if anyone ever tried this combo, let me know how it worked out for you.

The LUVVITT does have a stand though, which theoretically might resolve the issue even if the iPad doesn’t neatly fit in the groove, but I haven’t been able to find one at Best Buy to try out yet, so for now it looks like it’ll be the Logitech for me.

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