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Ready to throw my Keurig out the window

Remember when I said I finally joined the world of the hoity toity by getting a Keurig machine? Yeah, that might have been a bit premature. I’m already floundering here with the Keurig Vue V500 and wondering if these particular machines really are that sucky, or if I just need to find a different model. The tea was weak, the hot chocolate was AWFUL and a normal coffee brew was just, meh. I also can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that the water tank needs to stay half filled (!!!) for it to even work, meaning I get to pour liters of expensive and unused filtered water into the drain.

Am I missing something here? It seems like this particular model suffers from several design flaws that wasn’t an issue with the previous generation of K-Cup machines, so maybe I need to give those a try instead?

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