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Is it me, or is eBay turning into a veritable nest of epic FAIL?

I’ve been using eBay for 13 years and through all those years I’ve enjoyed a perfect feedback rating, although I think that’s going to be changing soon.  It seems inevitable that some choochwagon on there is going to snipe me with a negged up feedback, especially given how openly hostile eBay has become towards sellers.

I noticed this in some part last year when I went to sell my iPhone, and despite a history of positive feedback, the guy goes AWOL on payment, so I filed a non-payment dispute, to which he pleaded that I let it slide, because he was unable to pay due to Hurricane Sandy breaking his PayPal account.

Me:  ……………..

No, I’m not gonna let it slide you little deadbeat monkeyslut.  eBay added a strike on his account and I got back a refund for listing fees, but that was over a week of my time wasted.  Fortunately I was able to sell the phone to someone else for about the same amount of money.

So this year, it’s time for another round of eBay funsies so I can offload my old iPhone, camera and my MacBook.  I list my phone first, and I start getting inquiries from people begging to buy the phone for X amount of money, none of who were in the U.S.  One was from Romania, sent me an offer in broken English, another from… I can’t even pronounce the name of the country, and one more guy from Indonesia named Ahmed Aboobie Mahfoodzzz or something, who wanted to know if I could disable the GPS on my iPhone so it couldn’t be tracked.

Cosby Face Palm

Does anyone in THIS country actually use eBay anymore?   I feel like I’m trading in a marketplace on Tatooine now.

Anyway, I ultimately sell my iPhone for a healthy $500 to Achmed Smackmed (or something) who thankfully only took a day to pay me.  I’m psyched over how much I was able to sell the iPhone 5 for… until I see eBay’s fee:  $50.


And then on top of that I get docked with the transaction fee on PayPal, not 2.9% like they usually charge mind you, no it’s 3.9% because Achmed Smackmed is verified but NON-U.S. PayPal member, so the sale was actually an international one, despite the shipping address being in FLORIDA.  All in all, eBay just helped themselves to 14% of my profit.


Oh, and let’s not get started on my camera, which also sold for a nice chunk of change, except this guy is also taking his sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet mommy time in paying up, despite the fact that he’s got a good feedback rating as a seller as well as a buyer.  So now I have another non-payment case opened up and will have to sit on my laurels for a week before I can re-list it or ship it out.  I can’t even leave negative feedback on a buyer anymore, the best I can do is complete a payment dispute and have a strike added to their record, a process that apparently does nothing to slow down the rate of deadbeats and procrastinating buyers on eBay.

And through all this, if the guy DOES pay (albeit not in a timely fashion), the dispute is closed and he can STILL leave neg feedback, even if as a seller I did exactly what was in my right to do (opening a dispute grants some degree of protection and ensures you get a refund on your listing fees).  Yep, they can get all obnoxious and huffy on your feedback page:  “This seller couldn’t wait 2 months for me to pay him.  SO unreasonable!!!  THUMBS DOWN”

And of course all I can do is watch as they gleefully add a black mark to my otherwise perfect feedback record just because they can, and yet the only feedback I can give them in return is a positive one.  That’s why every eBay buyer from here to Calcutta (no matter how deadbeat or scammy they are) has a 100% positive feedback rating.  Ridiculous.

Too bad Craigslist has all them serial killers hanging about on there, or I’d totally sell my junk on there instead.  Oy.

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