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No, seriously, I REALLY hate Microsoft (which even now still doesn’t get it like Apple)

One of the things I’ve been experimenting around with lately was finding a better workflow to upload photos to my blog from my rich Flickr library.  Using my MacBook I discovered that by adding my Flickr account to Aperture/iPhoto, I could access my Flickr sets like it was a normal folder on my drive.  REALLY useful, and saves me the trouble of having to otherwise open my browser to visit Flickr directly, dig for the photo I want, and then if I want to avoid hotlinking it, I’d have to download the photo, then re-upload it AGAIN to my WordPress media library.  So I’m thinking hey if Apple can do this, I’m sure Microsoft has PLENTY of options where I can access my Flickr photos like normal files on my hard drive as well!


Yeah, no.  Constant googling turned up only two apps that could supposedly do that.  One wouldn’t even install, and the second installed my Flickr account as a virtual drive that wouldn’t even show up properly.  Oh, did you think Windows’ native Photo Gallery could do the trick?  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Yeah, there’s an hour or two of my time that I’ll never get back again.  I’m getting more and more convinced that my next desktop computer is either going to be an iMac or a Mac Pro.

AOL WIndows 8 / Metro Comparison

Microsoft. Moving forward by bringing you the worst of AOL.

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