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Another upside to being introverts: we don’t spread killer diseases like extroverts do

I may not have any friends but I’ll at least survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

These guys say they’ve discovered a small group of special individuals in a city that act as super-spreaders of disease. These people have unusually large numbers of contacts with others and so spread illness far and wide, when they become infected. That’s handy because these individuals should become infected first during any epidemic. So a system to monitor them would act as an important early warning indicator of an incipient epidemic and give authorities a crucial early warning of potential disaster.

It comes as some comfort knowing I wouldn’t be one of those people who likely would have their heads blown off at the first sign of turning zombie by the Singapore authorities.  In fact I find it even more comforting the notion that I could play my part in saving the world by embarking in the funsie activity of decapitating those obnoxious extroverts I’ve always hated because they got all the girls, and not just them, but all their obnoxious friends and girlfriends too.

Because you know, I gotta save the world.  Nothing personal, you see.

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