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Study says introverts are miserable, near suicidal dweeb-balls of walking death and despair unless they start acting more like extroverts

Ok, I’m embellishing it a bit, but probably not by all that much:

Extroverts, those outgoing, gregarious types who wear their personalities on their sleeve, are generally happier, studies show. Some research also has found that introverts, who are more withdrawn in nature, will feel a greater sense of happiness if they act extroverted. (Source Link)

Yeah I have a word for those happy go lucky gregarious and fabulous extroverts who just feel this compulsive need to shower the world with their hip hip happiness:  GO SCRATCH.

I don’t believe introverts as a whole are less happy.  They just don’t feel the need to demonstrate this every minute of every hour of every day to everyone within a 500 mile radius.

There’s one element of this study that seems to be particularly absent too: the failure to recognize that introverts can in fact be naturally extroverted: when it comes to people they already know and are already comfortable being with.  We value real connections that are sincere and meaningful.  That’s why I can’t abide by being in a crowd full of people I don’t know well and haven’t had the time to form meaningful bonds with.  Somehow the friendliness, the cheerfulness and happiness feels fake without it.

And being surrounded by people who are acting fake, being fake, and fake-smiling at you until you leave the room, at which point the gossip about your hairstyle and choice of Walmart brand flannel starts to fly fast and furious… yeah… doesn’t exactly strike me as an exercise in true happiness.  I’ll just go read a book, thank you very much.

That’s another thing, the presumption that extroverts are happier, when the real truth is that they merely LOOK happier, whereas an introvert might look despondent and depressed when he’s at home, in his mind he’s really like:

Disco Dancing Pair

It’s Saturday night and I’m staying in!

So this idea that we have to play a role (the role of an extrovert) in order to experience more happiness doesn’t really wash.  There is a danger of course of becoming a complete social recluse, but if you already have an inner circle of best friends and a loving family, what else do you need, really?

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