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Get Clicky With It – A Web Analytics Review

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If you’re looking for a tracking solution to monitor your blogging stats, you might want to take a look at Clicky (not to be confused with pMetrics, which licensed and rebranded Clicky for their own user base). Clicky sports a pleasant looking Web 2.0 interface and a myriad of features that rival even Google Analytics, yet it’s much more easier and fun to use. I’ve been so pleased with the service so far that I became one of their affiliates as well.

One of the great things about their dashboard is that you can customize it in a variety of ways so that it will only show the stats that matter most to you. In addition to the dashboard’s versatility, Clicky will also monitor:

  • Visitors – including a really fun Google Maps mashup that highlight the countries and cities your visitors are coming from. It also tracks the web browsers they use, as well as the operating systems and screen resolutions.
  • Actions – page views, searches, incoming links, what outgoing links visitors clicked on, and what files they downloaded as well.
  • Content – what pages on your site received the most attention, the entrance and exit pages, and the top referrals.
  • Searches – keywords and keyphrases that led visitors to your site, and the engines they used.
  • Spying – in addition, Clicky also offers a “Spy” feature that allows you to see who’s visiting your site in real time, and what pages they’re currently viewing.

Clicky Analytics Dashboard

These stats can be shown using either a bar graph or a tags cloud, and most of it is exportable in CSV, XML or JavaScript format. You can also drill down to a particular IP address and learn its complete surfing history, a very cool feature if you want to keep track of a particular individual. Clicky also offers you a way to rename IP addresses so they’re easier to track as well. It’s very handy when you want to track when and how often your friends, fans (or trolls) have been visiting your blog.

Clicky also provides several feeds you can use to track your stats in your feed reader, and if you add your Feedburner url, Clicky will also monitor your Feedburner stats as well, including subscriber counts, item views and item clickthroughs.

There are also widgets available that can give your readers a glimpse of your traffic stats (unless of course your traffic numbers are truly dismal, in which case you might want to wait until it reaches a respectable level before playing with Clicky’s widgets). :-D

As for reliability, Clicky’s servers have been pretty stable for me, only going down for maintenance or other minor issues, which have been pretty rare in my experience so far. The traffic numbers also tend to vary somewhat with other tracking services, but compared to Sitemeter they are usually about the same. Google Analytics however tend to report more traffic, which I attribute to the code being placed in the header rather than the footer of the page. That way even if a page doesn’t load completely, the Google code will still likely be executed, while the other tracking codes in the footer will instead fail to register a hit. It is possible though to place the Clicky code near the header as well to see if it results in a more accurate traffic count. As always, test and see what works best for you.

You can try out the premium version of Clicky completely free for 3 weeks. After your trial period expires, you’ll have the choice of using the basic version for free, or continue using a premium version for the price of a Starbucks coffee a month (I use the Blogger package for $2 a month).

Update: Clicky has now been upgraded with a host of new features, most notably new filtering abilities that allow you to analyze individual visitors and their surfing habits up to when they first visited your site, including stats on location, link referrals, IP addresses, hostnames and more. The new features are amazing and are worth checking out on their own.

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