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Keeping a Christmas tradition alive, one last time

It's a Wonderful life Screenshot of FamilyIn spite of how awesome I am, I have never seen the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.  I don’t know how I managed that feat, but over the past few years it got to be kind of a tradition, where I vowed I would not watch the movie until I finally met the girl of my dreams.

I’ve experienced and seen a lot of amazing things over the course of my life, experiences that all had one thing in common: I had no one to share those precious moments with.  Whether it was watching a great movie, or standing at the edge of the Grand Canyons, they all came and went without… her.  Moments that are now gone forever.

But It’s A Wonderful Life is one of those few moments left that I can still share with her for the first time.  Once that’s gone, it would really feel like I’ve given up for good.  I was actually planning to watch it this Christmas but my heart’s just not into it.  That leaves me one more year to see a dream fulfilled.

One last time.

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