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A glimpse into the future where my life has gone to the dog?

While I was in Colorado I had an opportunity to visit Vallecito Alsatians and meet Bonnie Lee, a special dog that they are dedicating to being trained as a hearing dog.  I’ve known about her for a while but I wondered how she would react to meeting me for the first time, and whether we might truly be meant to be together as man and dog.

Here’s a video of her after we interacted for about an hour.  There’s no sound but I gave a couple of commands, namely to have her lick my hand and sit, which she responded to almost immediately.  I was hoping we would connect well, but I never expected this level of affection, sweetness and attention.

I haven’t had a dog in my life in over 13 years, and even then it was never MY dog.  But I always dreamed about having one some day, particularly a wolfish looking dog, where we’d live together in a cozy cabin deep in the mountains, watching her lazily sleep in front of a warm fire, while I sit back in my easy chair and enjoy a hot cup of morning coffee.  Snow drifts to and fro outside my window, and a kind of peace settles into my home, knowing everything is right with the world.  It was only a dream, but for a moment Bonnie made it a reality, and showed me that despite the odds I faced, anything really was possible.

It’ll be a year though before I’ll know for sure, which for me is a good thing because I definitely need that time to get my life in order and start learning how to properly care for a dog and keep it healthy and happy.  God only knows I have my work cut out for me.  O_O

Bonnie Lee - American Alsatian

Sweet Bonnie Lee takes a moment to relax.


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