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5 day work weeks are too insanely long. For realsies!

Semi blogging hiatus as I try to plow through one more day of work. Typically I only work four days but had to do five this week to cover for coworkers on vacation. FIVE straight days of work. Who does that? It’s madness, I say, MADNESS.

Anyhoo, in the meantime I got a LUVVITT keyboard cover for my iPad that I’m playing with (and will blog on later), plus I’m fighting Alamo’s website trying to get a free upgrade deal so I can save $30 for my car rental, but it won’t accept my choice of a compact (with a free upgrade to a mid-size). Bah. I’ll try again this weekend. For any of you Las Vegas aficionados reading this BTW, Alamo seems to be the best and cheapest car rental agency to roll with out of McCarran Airport. See how helpful I am with all my awesomely awesome traveling knowledge? I’m awesome.

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