2 Responses to Even though the Great Sand Dunes was shut down, park ranger let me go in just a little ways to take pics. Nice guy!

  1. Realistic Generation X Guy October 23, 2013 at 12:28 AM #

    I entered a comment on your single mom thread earlier. Meanwhile, I recognized the Colorado photos. I lived in CO for 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. That “single mom” who tried to date me when I was 23 was actually in Denver. These photos are great. I have hiked up Sierra Blanca. I also played HS basketball in Santa Fe, NM. I love mountain running in Colorado. At the peak of my youth I could run up Longs Peak from the Ranger Station under 3 hours while carrying a heavy backpack. I loved Colorado. I had to move to FL for a new job though when the job market died in Denver for engineers after 911. I envy your mountain hiking. Sierra Blanca was really tough. It took me about 4 hours from the south side east of Alamosa. At the very top I ran out of water and was drinking melted snow. Then I saw a Rocky Mountain Bighorn. I almost thought I was hallucinating from exhaustion and seeing things. It was fun to see that. I miss the marmots above treeline.

    • Frank October 23, 2013 at 1:08 AM #

      I was actually in Santa Fe for part of my trip. Interesting city, way too congested for my tastes, which I found surprising given how much land they had to work with.

      I’d love to live in Colorado if I could. So far I’ve visited roughly 3/4s of the state, with only the Northwest I haven’t covered yet (and Aspen.) Like you though, it’s the lack of job opportunities that keep me out, though I’m trying to get around that by exploring work from home opportunities.

      As for hiking, I loathe to hike unless I’m doing it the RIGHT way: with an ATV. :-D

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