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Vegas to Denver

Wondering if I should put off any trip to Colorado for this fall and do a Las Vegas to Denver road trip that would allow me to visit the Grand Canyons, and maybe some of the parks in Utah before finally settling in at a cabin somewhere in Colorado. Seems like it would be more worthwhile than a short weekend getaway in May.


Busy, busy, busy…

Got a full plate this weekend: need to catch up on some SWTORing so I can upgrade my armor, also gotta start playing some of the new games I bought on sale from Steam, still have a novel I need to finish reading, two movies from Netflix, a few episodes to catch up on in my Hulu queue, and several hours of nap in between. And I still have to work one whole day next week before I’m able to get the rest of the week off. God, does it suck to be me.

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